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Help your business get the best return on your investments with full turnkey LED lighting and HVAC solutions for industrial and commercial settings.


Green Property Advisors provide turnkey lighting solutions for multi-family communities, commercial and industrial properties. We guarantee to create a more functional and better-lit environment. GPA will reduce your facility's working expenses and energy output. In addition to quality service, we aim to provide a stress-free experience for our customers. We handle everything for you from start to finish. We offer many options for multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retail spaces, and more! Green Property Advisors can provide the best lighting solutions for your industrial or commercial space. We are experts at LED retrofits. Our goal is to understand your lighting problem and construct the best solution tailored correctly for your facility.  We maintain our focus on keeping the most reliable, high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective products. Commercial and Industrial facilities use an incredible amount of energy. Because of this, these buildings are expensive to operate. Your facility's lighting takes up a large portion of your operations cost. Commercial and industrial properties that continue to use ordinary lighting are consuming way more than they should. When you make the switch to LED lighting you can continue to use your existing fixtures. Or you can upgrade to a whole new energy-saving lighting system. 


Green Property Advisors can help get your facility green in more ways than just lighting. We also provide water and HVAC upgrades. With the GPA Green Loan Program, you will receive preferential pricing and additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency retrofits. The savings you receive are so grand that you can finance the replacement with the energy cost savings.

With the help of Green Property Advisors, you can feel confident in going green with your facility.


Our consultative approach is guided by the 3P principle:




There are many details to consider for a successful project. We provide a complete audit of your facility's current expenses. We then tailor a proposal with recommended solutions and services. With each review we focus on the best practices meeting your needs. 

GPA also offers special financing for LED retrofitting! We want to ensure your company benefits on many levels as a result of going green. Green Property Advisors is the answer to all your turnkey lighting solutions!


1. Pre-Visit

2. Recommendations

3. Site Scout

4. Installation

We are a group of dedicated green living experts. Our goal is to provide green living to all communities. Become one of the growing number of businesses committed to making a cleaner environment.



GPA provides a range of solutions to suit each and every client. 

When selecting a partner for your lighting project, experience counts. GPA's Turnkey Lighting Solution services provides a full-service package.

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