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Green Property Advisors is here to help businesses go green! We provide Turnkey LED lighting solutions. We can do all the work for you from start to finish. Including options for multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retail spaces, and more!

In all of the history of earth, we are now using more energy than our planet can sustain. We need a better plan and it starts with your property. LEDs offer an easy investment that saves money NOW while delivering rewards for years to come! 

Green Property Advisors is a company that provides high-quality facility services. We want to find what's best for your property and work on a solution that will make it better. We offer many options in facility services, such as LED retrofits, water and HVAC upgrades. We maintain our focus on keeping the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective product. Green Property Advisors will provide the best solution tailored precisely for your needs!

Next time you're looking to save on your electric bill, go green with Green Property Advisors. We provide Commercial LED Lighting for commercial buildings. This decreases your energy consumption by 70%. In addition, we can upgrade your HVAC and water systems to bring you even more savings!


Contact us for more information at (404) 343-0012 and speak with one of our facility experts!

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