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Going Green With Your Facility: Making the Smart Choices

If you have made the decision to upgrade the lighting in your facility to LEDs, you more than likely have a lot of questions. It can be overwhelming with all the information out there. Knowing the right questions to ask is the first step. In this blog, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

The first decision is whether to install all new fixtures. New construction calls for new fixtures; but what about existing lighting systems? Do you want to utilize retrofitting? Or, should you convert all of your facilities' fixtures? LED retrofits use existing lighting fixtures and come with very little installation cost. LED fixtures are new lighting fixtures designed and built using LED technology. Let's cover some important points which may help you decide.

1. When choosing between LED Retrofits or new LED fixtures, consider the overall project. Is this new construction or a renovation? For new construction, LED fixtures are absolutely the best choice! Make your facility a green facility from the beginning!

2. If you are renovating or upgrading a facility, consider the existing fixtures' age and condition. If you have fixtures that are still functioning properly, it makes sense to choose retrofits. However, if your facilities fixtures are old or not working properly, you should consider upgrading to new LED fixtures. While the cost is higher, Green Property Advisors offers special financing options. Our Green Loan Program is tailored for your facility to qualify for every rebate.

3. There are many options to choose from when deciding on lighting features. Does the lighting need to be dimmable? What color temperature is best? Does the color need to be changeable? Are there any special requirements needed for the local utility provider? If so, you should lean towards replacing any old technology with new LED fixtures. Traditional lighting does not have the ability to meet many of these demands. Sadly, most existing fixtures will not provide the same features and functions as LED fixtures.

LED Retrofitting is by far the least expensive route for upgrading to LEDs. Green Property Advisors can help you choose the best option for LED screw-in lamps or Plug-n-Play tubes. With these options, there will be no need to replace fixtures, and you will still benefit from an abundance of savings. In addition to decreasing your energy usage, you will also benefit from lower maintenance costs. You will not have to replace bulbs as frequently.

LED fixtures can replace any existing lighting solutions. For new construction, choosing LED fixtures is similar in pricing to other lighting options. But when comparing LED light fixtures to retrofitting, there is a significant difference in cost. LED light fixtures can be expensive if you need to replace the existing lighting infrastructure. You will also need to hire a qualified electrician to complete the installation work.

Choosing to replace old fixtures with new LED fixtures can be a BIG project. GPA's Turnkey Lighting Solutions offers green solutions for your facility with little effort on your part. With our full turnkey lighting solutions, we handle it all for you from start to finish!

While the vast amount of information can make choosing between retrofits and LED fixtures seem confusing, it does not have to be! If you would like help selecting a product or have questions about LED Lighting, our qualified lighting experts are here to help! Contact us today!


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