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Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions for Hotels & Resorts

It's no secret that hotels are struggling in the face of pandemic recovery. The cost to operate has gone up, revenues have taken a dive and labor shortages leave them with few options for how best handle this difficult situation. Now more than ever, hospitality professionals are seeking out new and innovative ways to increase productivity, cut costs, and enhance the guest experience.

Many hoteliers are now choosing LED lighting as a way to meet these goals while also improving their environmental impact. In addition to offering energy savings of up to 90% over traditional incandescent lamps. LEDs provide a number of other advantages that make them an attractive option for hotels and they last up to 25 years longer.

In this blog, we will share information about how you can achieve all of these benefits with Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions from Green Property Advisors!

Property Audit

In these unprecedented times, the best way to make an impact is by taking on projects that are geared towards improving energy efficiency. This is where an EE Audit comes into play.

An energy audit is a process and inspection survey to understand the building's current use of energy, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. These inspections can help in maintaining or improving comfort while staying on budget!

Conducting an EE audit provides insight into how properties can save money and resources. This is done through strategic repurposing of space or equipment for increased effectiveness in green living.

During an EE audit, GPA will: - Look for and minimize day-burners. A good example of a day-burner would be any lighting that should be on only at night but remain lit in daylight due to a failed switch or a dirty light sensor. Daylight sensors can make a huge difference in outdoor lighting. - Assess the condition and cleanliness of your existing lamps and fixtures. Dust and bugs can accumulate on lights very quickly. We can make a plan for how often to clean them so that they give off the most light. - Perform tests using a light meter to see what the existing lighting levels are like. No matter if they are over-lit or not bright enough, we can correct it.

Product & Design

Doing your research before buying a new lighting system for your property is key. With Green Property Advisors you have access to the benefits of retrofitting an old light system or installing a brand new, state-of-the-art lighting system.

Once you have made the best decision regarding your lighting system, then it is time to move on to the details of your individual products and the overall design for the lighting at your property. Here are a few options to consider:

Indoor Lighting

  • Occupancy/motion sensors for low-traffic areas.

  • Install automatic controls for your lighting to help you regulate when it's the appropriate time of day, so that lights can be left on or turned off as needed!

  • Install timers on bathroom heat lamps.

  • Light dimmers for areas needing very little light during the day and more light during the night.

  • Integrated lighting is a fantastic way to create an atmosphere that's both creative and functional. Accent lights can be used to highlight certain areas, while the rest of your installation remains dark for dramatic effect or simple mood setting!

  • Decorative lighting is important in hotel public spaces from both the point of view of their visual aesthetic and contribution to overall ambience. Table lamps are common ways that hotels try to encourage guests to sit down, relax with coffee or tea while they read something comfortable at night.

  • Wall sconces, or chandeliers provide a sense that guests can enjoy themselves while they're here - after all, what would be more relaxing than sitting around with friends over dinner?

  • In order to provide a high standard of service, the lighting in hotel lobbies and staircases must meet certain requirements. Reception areas have specific light levels that need to be met for admin tasks such as check-in overnight when most other lobby lights are at very low or turned off (depending on where they're located). Stairways also require uniformity standards so it's easy to navigate through them without getting lost on each step.

  • Consider your hotel’s decor such as wall paintings that need special lighting or your greenery (plants) that need a certain amount of light.

Outdoor lighting

Hotels are always looking for ways to make their property stand out and one way they do this is by installing elaborate outdoor lighting. Bright and beautiful outdoor lighting on hotels is a major attraction for your customers. The next time you go on vacation, take notice of how many hotels have lights shining over the front desk or outside rooms; it's amazing what shape these things can come in! With this, it also makes the customers feel welcomed when they enter your hotel or resort for business trips or vacations. Hotels use elaborate lights because that's how you make an impression!

Other outdoor lighting that is extremely essential to get right is the lighting for your parking areas. It is important to keep your employees, customers, and visitors safe. You can do that by upgrading or installing new lighting in your parking areas.

Check out GPA’s blog on Lighting Solutions for parking areas.

GPA also provides water and HVAC upgrades in addition to our Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions.

As a Hotel or Resort manager, you are responsible for the safety and comfort of your guests. Every year hotels spend millions on renovations to keep up with trends in decorating, but many overlook their water and HVAC systems. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving to offer guests a better experience. By upgrading your property’s heating ventilation air conditioning systems (HVAC) as well as their Water Systems, you contribute to the health and safety of your guests, and our planet!

Hoteliers must ensure their property's HVAC is well taken care of and know when it’s time to buy new equipment. With 10 years as a good benchmark for hotels, they should evaluate if anything needs upgrading every few years or so before investing in major updates like air conditioners.

Hotels and resorts are a demanding business. You need to be on top of the latest trends, have a good staff, and keep your customers happy. We know that hotels face many challenges when it comes to their water needs - from outdated equipment to increased regulations for drinking water quality. Water is a critical resource for any hotel. As water conservation becomes more and more important, the demand on water systems increases. Hotels need to be prepared for this by upgrading their current system with new technology that reduces water consumption and saves money. Green Property Advisors can upgrade your current systems to reduce costs and stay eco-friendly at the same time!

With the added upgrades of your property’s HVAC and Water Systems, you can qualify for our Green Loan Program. Hotels and resorts are always looking for ways to increase their sustainability efforts, but it can be difficult to find funding. That's why we've created the Green Loan Program! We know how difficult it can be to make green updates on your own without assistance from an organization like ours. Especially if you're not sure what changes will really make a difference, which new technologies are worth investing in, or even where to start! This low-interest financing is designed specifically for property upgrades that will improve energy efficiency, reduce water usage, clean up local air quality or preserve natural resources.

The buzzword that is ‘sustainability’ has been a constant tone for years now. It rings in the ears of every designer, architect and hospitality professional and it is not going away anytime soon.

Whether your project requires all system upgrades for lighting, water and HVAC, or just updating for LED Retrofits, our turnkey services will save you significant time and money. GPA offers different levels of service with everything from design to installation. We are experts. We identify your needs and create custom solutions to get the job done right for you, every time. We guarantee that our installations will make your property more functional and inviting!

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