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NACFM Members Receive Exclusive Offers for Going Green!

NACFM Members Receive Exclusive Offers for Going Green!

In today's world, church facilities are becoming some of the largest and most beautiful building structures known as Mega Churches. These structures are so grand that they can sometimes be extremely hard to maintain. There seems to be no end to the amount of work a team has to do to lead a church.

What is NACFM?

The National Association of Church Facilities Managers is a group that helps to promote church facilities in going green. They help churches learn how to take care of the environment. They have partnered with companies in order to offer exclusive discounts on products and services for members. Included in those partnerships are General Electric and Shell Oil Company.

The NACFM was founded in 1995 as a way of supporting Church Facilities Managers. The association offers this by providing members with ways to keep up with the changing trends. Members can learn about what is happening in the industry, new products, and leadership training. There is a yearly national conference, a 24/7 forum, a certification program, a monthly newsletter, and more. The National Association of Church Facility Managers is a group of people that are experts at caring for churches.

As a member of the NACFM, Green Property Advisors can provide the best upgrades for your facility at the lowest costs.

10 Things to Consider Before Selecting LED Lighting Fixtures for your Church

1. What is the purpose of your church's lighting fixtures and what type are you looking for (task, ambient, accent)?

- Different rooms will have different lighting needs. For example, your auditorium or main cathedral may have ambient and warm lighting. This is different from classrooms or hallways which will need bright and clear lighting for safety.

2. How much light do you need in each location (high/low ceilings, Interior/Exterior)?

- Indoor light levels have a wide range. GPA will help determine light levels by considering all the needs and existing conditions of your property. We can help by observing window placement, ceiling height, activity levels and what kind of work is being done in each room.

3. Is there a specific color that needs to be emitted from the lights (warm vs cool)? Will this also affect how bright they are?

Absolutely! Here are a few examples...

- 2700K (warm) - A comforting orange-yellow temperature that provides a cozy ambience. This color is compatible with earth tones and wooden furnishings.

- 3000K (soft) - A good choice for any environment. An inviting and pleasant color that works well in seating and dining areas.

- 4000K (daylight) - This color is very similar to natural daylight. Works best with light colors and minimalist decor. This temperature is commonly used in areas such as offices, lobbies, and schools.

- 5000K (blue-white) - Crisp and illuminating, this temperature is a great choice for outdoor security lighting. This temperature is also used in detail-oriented environments such as workshops, factories, and hospitals.

4. Do you want LED lights to mimic natural sunlight or do you want them to have their own unique look and feel?

- Consulting with GPA on the details of not just what your facility needs in the future, but also what it has been used for in the past will be a big help in making these decisions. Maybe this is a room for choir practice where music is being read. Answers to these types of questions will help in making these decisions.

5. What is your budget for the project? Do you need financing options available through our company and/or government provided incentives?

- With options through GPA's Green Loan Financing, you can access lower interest rates and additional loan proceeds. GPA doesn't just help with their turnkey lighting solutions. We also provide water and HVAC upgrades so that you can meet the green loan requirements. As a result, you will receive preferential pricing as well as additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency retrofits.

6. Will these fixtures be used every day of the year or only on certain days of the week/month?

- If you don't already know your current energy usage, GPA will provide you with a FREE initial survey to help create an accurate Proposal. There are many options for motion sensor lighting in rooms, hallways and restrooms that may not be used as often.

7. Will I have to change out any fixtures or can I retrofit the existing fixtures when switching to LED?

- If you have fixtures that are still functioning properly, it makes sense to choose retrofits. However, if your fixtures are old or not working properly, you should consider upgrading to new LED fixtures.

8. What type of LED fixture should you add and which one can be retrofitted into the existing fixtures?

- LED Retrofits are always a great choice. With retrofitted lights you can use your existing fixtures while still saving a ton on energy costs. With the extremely long life-span of LEDs you will save on maintenance too! No more having to replace light bulbs every couple of weeks!

9. Can you install new LED lights without changing anything else in my building, like dimmers, switches, motion sensors and photocells? Can you add dimmers, switches, motion sensors and photocells to your existing and new lights?

- YES! GPA can provide you with many options. We will help you every step of the way in choosing the best options for your facility needs.

10. Do LEDs come with a warranty and how long will they last before needing replacement parts?

- YES! GPA offers a warranty on our installation. Our LED bulbs/products also generally have a 3-5 year warranty. So if any go out you will get a replacement!

At Green Property Advisors, our team is committed to helping churches and religious facilities find solutions for their property upgrades without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a way to save money while going green, we would love to talk with you about our services today! We want your church or religious property to be as sustainable as possible.

Contact us at (404) 343-0012 so that one of our experts can get on the phone with you right away.


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