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Turnkey Solutions for Office Buildings

Savvy companies, looking to save money in an era of sky-high energy costs, are increasingly turning to LED lights as a more efficient alternative. With their long lifespan and lack of need for replacement bulbs or ballasts, they provide lighting needs far better than fluorescents. Over the course of time they can prove to be significantly cheaper than traditional light fixtures. The impact on health is another benefit: Fluorescent lighting emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation that has been shown to be harmful in large doses. LEDs emit zero UV, making them safer. Also, work spaces using LED lighting have far fewer airborne particulates thanks to the absence of this wavelength.

A happy employee is a productive employee!

Office lighting has been studied for years to find out how much it impacts employee happiness at work. Studies have shown that people are more productive when they're happy. In a survey done by Staples, it was found that 80% of workers would be happier at work if they had better lighting in the office. The majority said it's important to them because good lighting is essential for their productivity and well-being. Because this has become one of the top complaints from employees around the world, design teams are now prioritizing ways to find an optimal lighting solution.

Imagine an office that's dark and dingy. The employees are struggling to see what they're working on, their morale suffers as a result of this poor lighting situation, the security is compromised because it's too hard for guards to spot intruders in time before they enter into your building - you get my point. The light in your office makes a huge difference on productivity, morale and security. It is one of the smartest investments you can make as it will not only affect employees but also customers satisfaction!

Finding the right lighting for your office

Finding the right lighting for your office space can be difficult. You'll need to consider everything such as safety lights, accent lights, and commercial-grade quality fixtures that include advanced technology features. If you're considering replacing or upgrading your current light fixture options, GPA will help you find the right LED Retrofits for your space.

LED lights are the better choice than fluorescent in many ways, and it’s not just because they are brighter or last longer. One of the best things about LEDs that make them environmentally friendly is how safe they are compared to fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury: if one breaks there's potential exposure risk as well as degradation of natural habitats due to contamination from leakage (especially dangerous at sea). This toxic substance is not present with LED lights - making them safer for employees who work near these types of lamps during their shifts. Another huge benefit is that they emit less heat to help keep your office nice and cool on a hot day, but also require little energy so you can save money!

Why GPA?

Green Property Advisors will audit your facility's resource expenses and offer a guarantee of the best return on your investment. We focus on green living practices that will enable you to qualify for utility and government incentives that are only available when custom projects like yours are installed with us. With our unique LED Retrofit proposals, you'll get all the details of a full service Installation. We explain financial benefits that result from proven technologies and products to help make your decision easier.

We also provide proposals for new lighting solutions! Green Property Advisors is in the business of providing innovative new technologies including light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Our team has helped countless clients find just what they need with customized proposals specific to their needs. From walkways to office buildings, we offer lighting solutions that are tailored for any facility and budget.

Regrettably, rebates from utility providers are not always easy to find. They can be even more difficult to receive. Our proposals include incentives for government programs and the rebates themselves in addition with valuable other rebate opportunities, such as HVAC and water upgrades, that you could qualify for as well through GPAs Green Loan Program!

Green Property Advisors will help with all your decisions along the way. LEDs are an energy efficient and eco-friendly option for businesses looking to cut back on their carbon footprint. We'll make sure that you have considered every available alternative before deciding what's best for your company to get better results than ever before!

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