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Green Property Advisors (GPA), provides Turnkey Lighting Solutions. We are experts in all LED lighting. Our customers include commercial and industrial properties. In addition, we provide green living by retrofitting multi-family communities to an all-LED lighting system. 

With LED lighting systems you have a choice of two main categories: Retrofit LEDs and LED Light Fixtures. Retrofit LEDs allow you to keep using your existing lighting fixtures. They can be simple screw-in options or retrofit kits that fit into existing lighting equipment. LED fixtures are new lighting fixtures designed and built using LED technology. There is no limit to what kind of existing lighting solutions LED fixtures can replace. 

When selecting a partner for your lighting project, experience counts. GPA's Turnkey Lighting Solution services provides a full-service package. Each package requires detailed customization for each customer. In addition, each package includes a knowledge of the customers’ goals, product selection, rebate management, and more. That is why you need a full review. GPA will give a complete assessment of every detail that is included in a turnkey LED solution. No matter which option you decide to go with, GPA is the best choice for all existing and soon-to-be green communities.


Green Property Advisors offer multiple options in Green Loan Financing.

GPA doesn't just help with their turnkey lighting solutions. We also provide water and HVAC upgrades that will get your facility all the way to being green. As a result, you will receive preferential pricing as well as additional loan proceeds for energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Are you ready to turn your commercial or industrial building into a green facility? Would you like to improve the lighting output and temperature of light? Does the sound of cutting costs, reducing maintenance, and increasing building safety sound like a winning strategy to you? You can do all of that while emitting less heat and saving energy! 

Check out our Case studies below and give us a call today for more information on Green Building Certifications! 

Warehouse Retrofit Case

Warehouse case study for LED retrofits

Garage Retrofit Case

See how much you can save with LED retrofits in your parking garage

Multi-Family Retrofit Case

LED retrofits for multi-family community / apartment complex

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