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GPA will perform a complete audit and review of your facility resource expenses. We focus on the best green living practices. In turn, we guarantee the best return on your investment. Our audits enable and accommodate more complicated installations. With GPA, you will qualify for utility and government incentives that are only available to such custom projects. Projects that would otherwise be eligible for less generous programs.

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GPA provides LED Retrofit proposals that include all the details of a full service Installation. Our proposals explain financial benefits that result from proven technologies and product. We also provide proposals for new LED lighting solutions. Each of our clients receive a tailored proposal specific to their facility and budget.


Proposal includes rebates from utility providers, incentives from government programs.
LED lighting will save you a lot of energy. In addition, you can qualify for multiple valuable rebates. Regrettably, they aren't always easy to find. They can be even harder to receive. Rebates and incentives can be from the power company. They can also be municipality, state, a non-profit association or the electric grid. Currently, about 74% of the country is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program.

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GPA's Turnkey Lighting Solutions will do it all for you! From start to finish we handle everything so you don't have to! Once a project is complete, we will provide you with detailed instructions for continued maintenance. We outline and include all the details and instructions for maintaining your new LED Lighting. In addition, GPA will provide guidelines for future disposal of materials.


We Provide financial models tailored specially just for your business. Each model will Illustrate your project's resulting financial impacts. View details for yearly savings in energy costs in addition to employee labor savings. 


1. Pre-Visit

In the initial audit we gather the necessary input that our team uses to assess the big picture. We review available site drawings, related lighting needs, and if applicable, past energy usage.

2. Recommended Solutions

GPA team completes audit process and provides a detailed site overview document. The overview utilizes cost analysis to present opportunities for the client to use green lighting solutions to optimize savings and ROI while converting to a more sustainable and efficient illuminated environment.

3. Site Scout

The GPA team arranges and does a site scout. During this visit our team dives deeper into the property's existing system. We catalog the current lighting fixtures, and conduct interviews with owners and employees to determine where maintenance and safety issues occur and how these can be addressed.

4. Installation

Our GPA team provides a full turnkey solution to implement systems or provides technical support to installers and site managers. 


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