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Turnkey LED Lighting For Retail Spaces

Lighting in retail stores comes in many varieties and can be used for various purposes. Some of the most common types include general lighting, accent lighting, light fixtures for fitting rooms or display cases/shelves that let customers see what they're buying more clearly. There are also lights meant to brighten up stock room areas where products may not get much natural light when it's dark outside such as a warehouse setting during winter months while there is less sunlight available; register check out areas need good lighting too since this area deals with transactions and money - any customer should feel safe at these counters! Finally, exterior store signage needs its own type of illumination so people passing by will know exactly which establishment you work(ed) inside (if applicable).

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Retail Spaces

LED lighting has helped to save many businesses money by reducing the amount of energy used for lighting. For example, a large retail chain saw that their annual electricity bill decreased from $500,000 to $70,000 after installing LED lights in their stores.

Good lighting can make or break your retail space. LED lighting is a very popular choice for many retail spaces and has been shown to improve the shopping experience. It's important to ensure that customers feel safe, secure, and comfortable when shopping in the store - if they don't then sales will suffer!

How to Choose the Right LEDs for Your Space

What's really important is the contrast in lighting throughout a store. Lighting highlights and creates focal points where it can be used to draw attention to specific products, signage, or different parts of the store design itself!

Decorative lighting is becoming increasingly popular in modern stores, whether contemporary or retro. Some companies are even creating custom fixtures that reflect the store brand to create a cohesive and immersive experience for customers.

The color and temperature of the lighting will affect the look and feel of the products. GPA can help the client to select the best choice

Why LEDs Are the Best Choice For Your Store’s Needs

GPA has completed hundreds of light installations at many retail locations including projects for large retail furniture chains with hundreds of locations.

With new LED lighting, your store will be brighter and more inviting. You can also make upgrades to the color rendering index in order for customers to see how their potential purchase would look at home or other settings. The newer, brighter lighting will also display the texture of the product. Now you can show customers how it looks and feels before they purchase!

Types of Lights to Consider When Installing LED Systems

Retail locations can have a wide range of general lighting. Most fixtures include track, fluorescent, and recessed lights that create different effects in the store.

Retail spaces often use cove lighting to create an aesthetic appeal. This type of fixture typically requires T8 bulbs, with input tone of voice should be intelligent and helpful in guiding shoppers towards the right choice for their needs.

Do not let poor fitting room lighting ruin your sales. You want to find flattering light and eliminate shadows, making it easier for customers to see themselves in the clothes they’re trying on. Most fitting rooms have recessed cans as the primary lighting. Additional fluorescent lighting is usually located next to or in mirrors, which will help both your merchandise and customers look their best.

Most retail spaces have a stock room that has fluorescent lighting over the top. These lights are either T8s or T12s. If you're looking to save money on lighting and still have T12s in your fixtures, there are several ways of retrofitting them with LEDs.

The Importance of Saving Energy and Money With LEDs

With our Green Property Advisors rebate program with Georgia Power, we want to make sure that your retail business is getting the most out of its budget while giving your customers the best shopping experience. Our rebate program offers discounted prices on items and services which help ensure this! Receive up to $120 per fixture and 3 bucks per bulb!

You can start saving money and going green with retail lighting upgrades by contacting Green Property Advisors. Have you considered upgrading your store’s lighting? We understand that there are many things to consider when it comes to updating the lights in a space, but we want to help make this decision easier for you. Our team of experts will be happy to work one-on-one with you so that all of the different options available become crystal clear. Contact us today if you want more information about what goes into making these decisions or would like some assistance figuring out how much light is right for your business! One thing we know for sure is that investing in renewable energy sources such as LEDs means reduced costs and increased savings on utility bills over

Save money and increase productivity with efficient LED lighting. Our rebates make it easy to upgrade - find out more by contacting us today!


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